Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A paganized, Dark Age message doesn't get better online

Putting the same, flawed message that's failed to introduce the world to Jesus onto the Internet with a slick video or website doesn't change the flawed nature of the message.

Even if Christendom's message is now presented with nice graphics, features blaring rock music, has cool pastors in blue jeans giving "hip" pop-culture infused sermons, at its core, it is still a version of paganized Catholic dogma straight out of the Dark Ages.

Instead, the world thirsts and hungers for the same, fresh message Jesus preached when he spoke of "MY God and YOUR God" being the Source of forgiveness, renewal, and spiritual transformation: the same God who anointed and sent a man, Jesus, to show us we could live up to God's high ideals! Please share this message with those whom you feel need a REAL change in their lives.

The Jesus Followers is launching a movement dedicated to following Jesus, who was Anointed by God. Join us!


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