Sunday, February 28, 2016

Knowing God's Will For Us. #JesusFollowers

It is not by what people profess or believe that we are to judge of them, but by their works and doings. If all their works give evidence that they arise from the love of God; if they are clothed with his love, and wisdom, and humility, this exalts the creature.

For it is only the humble soul that is exalted by God. And what encouragement we receive through when we are brought by the light into a feeling of unity with our great Pattern, Jesus Christ, and with God, our Creator!

When the Almighty enters into our souls by his light and life, by his penetrating eye, he sees the evil and the good, and is a searcher of the hearts and a trier of the reins. And here, in His abundant mercy and loving kindness, He makes a rule for us; we learn His commandments, and we find that they are not grievous.

When we come to know God, and feel him to be continually with us, an observer of all our works, and watching over us continually for good, it enables us to put in practice what is comprehended in the saying of the wise man, "Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

And our duty to our Heavenly Father, and our own best interest, can never be divided: they are one, because Almighty Wisdom has ordained that every act of a man's life shall have its consequent reward, let it be good or evil.

We must now not only be gathered together, but we must set to work in good earnest, and do what the Lord has furnished us with ability to do; and as he has given us the means to exercise.

We ought to use all our mental powers to get our bodies quiet, under a consideration that we are now in the presence of the Almighty and merciful God, who will distribute unto us according to our wants and necessities.

We are to do all that we can, to be humble, and to show ourselves humble, by stilling our bodies and keeping our minds clear of agitation and unprofitable thoughts.

We are all to attend to our own salvation: and if we are concerned to do this, will we give way to notions that will hinder this salvation? God is to judge of these things; and man is only to judge of the overt acts of his fellow creatures - those which have a tendency to injure his fellow creatures.

But if a brother does all his duty, consistent with the will of God Almighty, we have no right to judge any farther than this, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

We know that love and good works are the only fruits of the right and good tree, and a soul fixed on God, its maker, for support is happy beyond all comprehension.

(Adapted from sermons by Elias Hicks, 1826)

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