Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to The Jesus Followers Blog!

Welcome to the Jesus Followers Website!

We are launching a movement dedicated to Jesus, the Anointed (that is, "Christ") - God's spokesman and Prophet.

The Jesus Followers plan to launch a revolutionary Church dedicated to the revolutionary, relevant, timeless teachings of Jesus.

Our Beliefs:

  1. God, our Creator and Father, is One God, an absolute Unity a Spirit, and indivisible; God calls us to serve and love Him, granting us wisdom and spiritual strength
  2. Jesus of Nazareth, a fully human man, was Anointed and Adopted by God at his Baptism as a Prophet, and called disciples to follow him and obey the Father
  3. Teachings of Jesus alone are the authoritative path for Jesus Followers by which we may attain Salvation from sin, an abundant Earthly life, and Eternal Life with the Father
  4. Human beings are fully capable of obeying God, according to the challenge issued by Jesus’ Teachings, guided by Jesus' example, our God-given Reason, and God’s ongoing Grace and Forgiveness
  5. Eternal Life with God is rewarded by God’s judgment alone, is according to our Works and by our Faith in God, and its accomplishment cannot be known to us
  6. Scripture – the Gospels, the Letters of James and John, and Hebrew Scriptures – bear witness to God’s Truth; All Scripture is interpreted through scholarship, historical and literary context, and Reason
  7. God’s Will for us includes Prayer, Seeking and Giving Forgiveness, Worshiping God and Serving Others according to His moral commandments; both individually and united together as a Church 
Seven "Distinctives" Of the Jesus Followers:
1. ONE GOD, OUR FATHER: God is One. There is one and only one God, the Almighty Father, and no other.

2. JESUS, A MAN: Jesus was chosen by God as His fully human servant and Prophet and his life is an example for our own lives.

3. SCRIPTURE IS WISDOM: Jesus' words alone are the center of his Gospel message; the Wisdom literature of the Jewish people are inspired by God and should inspire us to Godliness.

4. THE TRUE GOSPEL: Jesus taught that we are to love God and serve one another, loving even our enemies, and these acts are to be a light to the world. This is the Gospel Message.

5. HUMAN ABILITY: Because this fully human Jesus achieved moral perfection, we also may achieve the challenging goal of Righteousness that God, through Jesus, calls us to achieve.

6. GOOD WORKS REQUIRED: Actually DOING Righteousness through Good Works, in humility, is the core of the Gospel Message, according to Jesus.

7. SALVATION IS GOD'S: We are first saved from Sin when we obtain knowledge from Jesus and repent. Our ultimate destiny resides in God's hands alone, and is not for us to determine or demand.

Our Statement of Faith and Mission Statement:

     God speaks through Jesus and the wisdom of the Hebrew Scriptures,

And we yearn to live with God forever.

Mission Statement:
Following Jesus, we love God and Serve Others, Working Righteousness.

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