Sunday, April 23, 2017

#Jesus Calls Us To Active Service! #JesusFollowers

It is in active service to God's fellow creations that we truly demonstrate that we are God's children and that we truly love the one Who created us.

Jesus - the one God chose to be our perfect example - calls on us to do all that is within our power to perform Good Works, relying on our Original, Natural, God-given gifts, while seeking greater strength and wisdom from God, Who gives to us abundantly when we need spiritual renewal.

The life that Jesus calls on us to pursue is a life of works, action, radical love and service to others.

Jesus wants us to make God's Kingdom in Heaven a reality here on earth, right now and in this time. 

We are not called upon to wait for others to do it, nor wait for God to make it happen on our behalf.

Good Works are the way in which we grow God's Kingdom. Every one of our actions in our daily lives should show to others how God wishes humanity to relate to one another and to our Creator.

"Trust in Yahweh and do good," writes the Pslamist (37:3) Let us do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly, honoring our God, urges Micah (6:8.)

What God calls us to do, through the teachings and example of the one He chose to show us, Jesus, is not impossible for us.

God has made us capable of governing ourselves, and we have the knowledge of what is good, just and pure, and what should be avoided, thanks to the wisdom of the Prophets and the teachings of our Master, Jesus, who shows us by his example that all of us are able to obey God.

We can love and serve others perfectly because Jesus set the pattern for us to follow and called us to do all that he did.

But we cannot deceive ourselves. We cannot be all God wishes us to be simply by proclaiming ourselves "righteous," or merely because we believe in God and in the one He chose for us.

Only those who actively DO what is righteous has a claim to call themselves Righteous, and even so, we are not to brag of our righteousness. But we are still called to act out our good acts in front of others, to be a light to them, so that they may join us in doing good.

And when we fall short of the high standards God sets for us - and like children, we cannot run before we walk - God promises that He forgives us when we repent and renew our determination to seek out Godliness and continue to walk the path of Righteousness.

Only those who obey his teachings are building firm foundations upon the Rock of those teachings.

We honor Jesus with our actions, if we do as he asks of us. Then we are truly children and servants of God, and not just admirers and flatterers of God's teacher.

So, if we love Jesus, we'll seek to follow all that he did and said during his ministry. His teachings live on forever, and never pass away. Knowing this, let us go into the world as true and faithful servants of our Creator by following the words of His spokesman, our Master, Jesus.

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