Monday, April 1, 2013

"The merciful parent of the universe...sent the man, Christ Jesus." (Quote from Joseph Priestley)

"The merciful parent of the universe, who never meant anything but the happiness of his creatures, sent his well-beloved son, the man, Christ Jesus, to reclaim men from their wickedness, and to teach them the way of righteousness; assuring them, for their encouragement, of the free and unbought pardon of their sins, and promising a life of endless happiness to all that receive and obey the gospel, by repenting of their sins, and bringing forth fruits meet for repentance. This is the essence of what is called Socinianism; and though this simple doctrine may, on account of its excellence and simplicity, be a stumbling-block to some, and foolishness to others, I believe it to be the sum and substance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom and power of God."

Joseph Priestley, "An Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity," 1827.

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