Sunday, April 12, 2015

33 #ThingsJesusNeverSaid [#JesusFollowers]

Recently, the hashtag #ThingsJesusNeverSaid trended on Twitter. Its original intent was politically motivated, to "prove" that Jesus took this or that political stand against some of today's Christians.

Of course that ironically spoke volumes about what Jesus REALLY never said, what he actually said, and what his ministry was all about.

Some preachers today don’t spend much time on the actual words and teachings of Jesus, relying instead on later theologians and others who never met or walked with him to come up with their beliefs.

From this, they have developed often complicated doctrines that we are told we MUST accept to be “saved” both here and in the afterlife, and to live eternally with God. But Jesus taught a far simpler Gospel – one of love service to others and love of God, rejecting the empty doctrines of his day.

So in the spirit of Jesus’ teachings, let’s take a look at 33 #ThingsJesusNeverSaid, and as you read them, ask yourself, “Am I hearing these in MY church?” And if you are, WHY are you hearing things that are often DIRECTLY opposed to that what Jesus actually taught?

Feel free to cut/paste these and re-tweet these, and if you think Jesus actually DID say one of these, please post the chapter and verse so we can correct it!

1. "Don't bother going about doing Good Works.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

2. "Your pretty words and lengthy confessions alone will save you." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

3. "God wants you to be RICH, so pursue earthly treasures!" #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

4. "Ignore the hungry, the poor, the ill-housed and ill-clothed." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

5. “You’re allowed to hate people.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

6. "Following me will always be easy." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

7. “I want you to turn everything I say into a political issue.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

8. "God doesn't care how you live your lives." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

9. "I will build my MegaChurch." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

10. "Pray loudly in church, so you can be seen by others." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

11. "A 'Jesus Prayer' will get you into Heaven. Immediately." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

12. "You won't be judged according to your works." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

13. "You must have a strong, contemporary music program." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

14. “If you follow me, you’re guaranteed to never get sick or have health problems.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

15. "I'm returning again to rule as a worldwide dictator in about 2,000 years." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

16. "Rely on Grace and Faith Alone." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

17. “Surround yourself with people who can help your career and are always positive.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

18. “God isn’t allowed to forgive your sins unless he kills me first.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

19. “Following me means never being persecuted or treated badly.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

20. "Follow me, and you can remain just as you are." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

21. “Don’t bother obeying my words, they weren’t meant for you in modern times.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

22. “If you didn’t have an emotional experience, you didn’t REALLY worship God.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

23. “When someone insults you, it’s okay to hit them back!” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

24. “God loves you based on how much you donate to the church.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

25. "A 'canned food drive' once a year should cover all the poor's needs." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

26. "Sinning is a hereditary condition, causing you to be unable to obey God.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

27. “Ignore my teachings, just believe things ABOUT me that will be taught by others.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

28. "Repentance is not necessary to please God." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

29. "The arrogant and prideful will inherit the earth." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

30. "God is composed of three distinct Persons – and I’m one of them.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

31. “Feel free to quote my words to score political points.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

32. “The Ten Commandments were for the old days. You don’t have to follow them.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

33. "Going to church is not about God, it’s a social event designed for your entertainment." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

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